Following the Columbine High School shooting that left 13 dead, survivors and community members became activists. For some, it was a way to help, for others a way to heal. The cycle repeated itself in Parkland, where survivors and parents are coping through activism and the push for change.

Parkland Activism

Since 1999, the community attached to the tragedy at Columbine has led the conversation on gun violence in schools. Parkland changed that with activists rising to prominence since 2018 fall on both sides of the political aisle. Read More »

Columbine Activism

Almost 20 years before the March for Our Lives defined a new type of survivor-turned-activist, some students and staff of Columbine High School set the precedent for those to come. And 20 years on, they are still fighting for change. Read More »

The Gun Lobbyists

In a political system where campaign contributions are considered free speech, some voices carry more clout than others. On both sides of the political spectrum, special interest groups are investing large sums of money when it comes to gun control. Read More »