Following these horrific events, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Columbine High School communities pushed for change. At the local and state levels, some measures were passed. However, at the federal level, there have been no gun control measures passed since 1994. Despite the lack of federal action, there has been a surge in activism as students and community members continue to push for change.

After Parkland

In the immediate wake of the Parkland shooting, Broward County Public Schools and the state of Florida made changes to school safety. Read More »

After Columbine

Twenty years after the Columbine shooting, the Jefferson County School District is among the most prepared school districts in the country. Read More »

U.S. Policy Changes

School shootings have altered experts’ and citizens’ view on whether schools are safe. Read More »

International Changes

Outside of the United States, many developed countries do not have a constitutional right to bear arms. Read More »