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Extra Content

April 24, 2018

The struggles go beyond what we could condense into five episodes. We compiled extra multimedia content that takes an even deeper look into life after incarceration.

Why Prisons?

In the news, we always talk about people going to prison. But we rarely talk about what happens to people when they leave. We wanted to find out.
We sent letters to prisoners at the Florida State Prison and the Cross City Correction Institution who were about to be released. We asked if we could be there when they walk out for the first time.
The first person we heard from was Timothy, who we featured in our introductory episode. He called and wrote to us, and we eventually met him in Haines City, near Tampa, just 3 days after his release.
We also heard from another felon, Justin Moss.

A Fresh Start

On this web-exclusive episode of Locked Out, we hear from a felon leaving prison for the first time in almost a year.
Justin Moss walks down the dark hallways ready to live on the other side of the prison gates. He is not yet aware of the struggles he is about to face.
We met Justin as he was released from Florida State Prison. We stood with his father outside the gates as Justin came to meet him.  Just minutes after his release, Justin was optimistic about his life after prison.

Turning in the Keys

On this web-exclusive episode of Locked Out, we follow Teka as her charges continue to impact her life.
Mattress pads, dining room chairs and her grandson’s crib poke out of a storage unit door. Teka McKnight, a 41-year-old grandma of five kids and four grandkids, is cramming all of her belongings inside.
Two months after we first met Teka, she received an eviction notice. Even though she had money to renew her lease on her Gainesville apartment, her charges stood in her way.
As Teka moved out, we met up with her again. Until she finds a new apartment, she plans to share her oldest daughter’s two-bedroom apartment with her three youngest kids and grandson.

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